Risk Management

Preparing you for the unpredictable.

From the job site to the office, risk exists despite best efforts by any company. Our holistic approach to risk compels us to find other areas where we can help strengthen your safety processes and weaken risk.

Our services teams collaborate with you to review important safety documentation, align it with your coverage program, and contribute to lower risk positions across your entire company.


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Risk Management Services

  • Claim Reporting and Management Plan
  • Job Site Safety
  • Safety Manual Review

We create a comprehensive plan at the inception of your policy term on reporting procedures, proper claim handling and scheduled claim summaries and reviews.

At the time of a claim, especially on large or potentially large claims, we create an action plan to ensure the best possible outcome.

We work with you and your safety/risk management team to ensure that job site safety is being enforced. We will coordinate job site inspections, review of all safety materials, provide classes and training to accomplish this goal.

Additional service offerings include Toolbox Talks and Quarterly Safety Meetings to further educate your teams on safety procedures and how safety is impacting the company.

We will work with you, your head of risk management, the carrier, and industry experts to ensure your safety manual is not only up to date but is being accurately enforced with your employees.

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